All of the missionaries at Camp Grace, myself included, are individually supported. This means that we do not receive a paycheck from Camp Grace, but instead from individuals, businesses, and churches who have been led by God to give financially to support us on a monthly basis.

My current support goal is raising $2000/month and I am sitting at roughly 80% of that goal.

If you are interested in supporting me and the work that I do at Camp Grace, you can head to the camps website where you can give there. 100% of funds given that are designated for me, will find their way to me.

In addition to my monthly support goal, I am currently raising funds for two needs: The first, is for a new laptop. I currently use my personal desktop computer for the majority of my work, but I need a more mobile solution. It is a necessity to be able to work in various places here on campus and unfortunately a desktop does not fill that niche. As well as being mobile, I also need something powerful as my job requires the use of video editing and other resource intensive applications.

The second item I am fundraising for is new batteries for my golf cart. Most of the staff here at camp uses a golf cart to get around the property, especially during the summer where we don’t want vehicles near the kids. My cart was graciously donated to me before I even arrived at Camp Grace by a missionary who was leaving the ministry. It is powered by 6 lead acid car-type batteries, and they are not holding a charge very well.

The total I am trying to raise for these two needs is $4500. If you’d like to give or want more information, you can contact me via the contact page on this site or by giving me an email, call, or text. You can also head to the giving page on our camp's website linked above and give there. Just make sure to designate the funds for me so they get to me.