I was born, raised, and am proud to be from Saint Louis, MO. I grew up in a Christian home and made the decision to follow Christ when I was six years old. To be honest, I don’t remember the day at all or even where I was but I do know the change that took place in my heart and in my life, it was evident to those around me as well. As I grew up, I would label myself as a lukewarm Christian. I was going to church and Christian schools, but there was no passion or zeal for Christ in my life. At church camp one summer when I was in early high school, I surrendered my life to go into missions. But, by the time graduation rolled around and I had done a summer missions internship in Peru, I decided not to head into ministry but rather pursue a degree in Computer Science. I took 3 semesters of classes at St. Louis Community College before the Lord grabbed a hold of my heart and convicted me. It was a real Jonah moment, I didn't feel that I was running from God but I was. I took a semester off from the school, and then the next fall I transferred to Boston Baptist College.

When I enrolled at Boston, I knew that I wanted to go into missions, I always assumed it would be somewhere in a foreign country but God never laid a specific place on my heart. In 2018, the summer between my junior and senior year, a few friends of mine at school convinced me to come work at a camp down in North Carolina for the summer. I really didn't want to go home and try to find a summer job again so I reluctantly agreed. By the time the summer was finished, God was really working on my heart and I felt like He was calling me to serve there full time. I went back to school to finish my senior year of college and in May, just before my graduation, I was accepted to come on as a full time missionary.

In August of 2019, I attended pre-fill missionary training at CBM headquarters and that began my support raising journey. My initial goal was raising $2000/month, and I could move and start working at 75% of that goal. It took almost two years (Covid didn't help) but I finally reached the 75% mark at the end of May 2021 and moved at the beginning of June, just in time for summer camp. My role as the IT Director involves handling all of the camp's technology: computers, sound equipment, website management, etc. as well as helping with planning and running the various camps, retreats, and other events we hold.